GREAT LEAP offers client-focused compensation planning and consulting services. We provide expert assistance to clients for strategic compensation planning and design. GREAT LEAP helps the clients identify pay programs that meet their requirements and implement them. Based on these requirements, we offer professional advice and practical solutions that facilitate effective compensation planning. Our specialized services include:Salary structuring,Maintaining a strong salary structure is essential for effective employee management. The salary structure has to be aligned with the overall labour market in order to ensure employee satisfaction as well as to keep operational costs in check.Compensation policyCompensation means the monetary value provided to the employees in return for the work they do. These include:
• Basic pay
• Overtime pay
• Commission
• Bonus
• Profit sharing
• Allowances
• Stock options
• Insurance
• Vacation
GREAT LEAP helps business organizations set up a compensation policy based on their needs, goals and resources. Variable pay structuring Variable pay is the portion of compensation that is determined according to the performance of the employee. This is mainly applicable to employees belonging to the sales department. They types of variable pay include bonus, incentive, commission etc. GREAT LEAP helps client organizations structure the variable pay based on preferred parameters.

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