Employee lifecycle management means managing the different stages in which an employee advances in an organization—starting from joining the organization till resigning, retiring or being terminated from the organization. Setting a clear structure for employee lifecycle gives a consistent order in which an employee's career advances in the organization. It also gives the employers an option to analyse data regarding the employee's progress.GREAT LEAP prepares appointment letter as well as employee data collection documents for the employees. We also take care of procedures and documentation related to appointment, gratuity, promotion, resignation as well as full and final settlement. Other than these services, GREAT LEAP also supports clients in labour compliance management and warning management.

As part of the employee compliance management, GREAT LEAP fulfills the client organization's compliance requirements and maintains employee data and documents in a well-structured system. So, it becomes easy for the employers and managers to retrieve data, analyse them or devise plans for progress based on these data. As the data is up-to-date and accurate, the risk of non-compliance and ensuing high costs in the form of troubling lawsuits, hefty fines, lost business, damaged reputation and excessive insurance premiums seize to exist. Above all, a standardized process facilitates best practices, perfect compliance, good reputation and zero liability.

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