Regular HR audits are highly important for any organization in order to avoid costly legal disputes and fines. These audits mainly focus on staffing, compliance with law, saving costs, meeting the objectives of the organization and more. HR audits are especially relevant after implementing important organizational decisions such as restructuring, expansion and reducing the cost cutting. Besides, regularly conducting HR audits in your organization, the expert team of GREAT LEAP, with years of experience in HR shall give you recommendations to improve your operations based on the conclusions and findings of these audits.

Every organisation needs to work towards mitigating any kind of risk and should make the business more certain than in confusion. We undertake a complete HR audit in terms of all labour related statutory compliance in terms of statutory payments, record keeping, return fillings, registrations and renewals etc.
Our HR Audit will cover more than 10 Acts and 50+ check points. Organisations can take corrective actions based on the inputs and recommendations from the audit report. This is highly recommended for organisations where more than 20 employees on an yearly basis.