Importance of HR Department in IT Industry

IT Business Success : 4 Advices on people management

People are the biggest asset in any organization and it gets highest importance once comes to service industry as the dependence to other assets such as plant, machinery, raw material etc are comparatively less in the service sector. IT industry is one of the highest people dominated, people dependent industry. The Human Resources Department in every organization protects the interest, image and success of the company in every way possible by complying with various laws, executing administrative processes, and creating policies in the most cost-efficient manner. Business leaders should take easy and agile steps towards the success of every company which is acceptable and leads to people success. HR in IT companies is becoming the business partner of the firm as business interests are directly related to many matrices in HR. HR leaders are now taking part in organizational decision making, the time has changed when they were only considered administrative people they have now become invaluable members of the organization.

But still, things are changing at a rapid speed. The recent surveys shows that the attrition rate in the IT industry in a quarter is very high and it is as high as more than 50% in some companies.Main reasons behind this huge attrition rate is most of the employees are moving away from the traditional IT Companies to the start-ups because of its fast growth opportunities. IT HR managers of the firm should be intelligent enough to manage and retain the human resource assets of the firm.
Here are few ways to improve the effectiveness of your business with right people management strategies.

Well defined policies and procedures

THuman Resources Policies and Procedures are Important as they provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness in the organisation. HR policies provide employees a sense of security, they feel respected and looked after. It also puts things in order for the organization and tracking employee’s growth, discipline, vacations, etc. becomes easy. It works in the favour of employees and also the organization.Therefore the policies and procedures must be framed by considering the interest of both employer and employees and must be in complying with the prevailing labour laws in our country.

Voice of Employees & HR Systems

The voice will come out only when we ask for it. Be it a person or a system the principal applies. The regular HR audits & Surveys protects you and mitigates risk to your business and bottom-line. Ensures you are up to date, compliant and performing/following best practice within employment laws. Shifts the focus to a more HR function on a strategic level – aligning activity to overall business objectives.The periodicHR Audits will help you stand out an outstanding performance in the future. Your HR audit can cover areas from Compensation, Recruitment TAT, Statutory Coverage, Employee Satisfaction, Communication Level, etc. The organization must follow up through the audit points and make sure the corrections are done so that the entire team is getting the feel of being heard and also at the same time make sure that all the HR systems and processes are complied and right.

HR Process Automation & Transparency

A Human resources Management software assists with managing people, information and processes. Used by businesses of all sizes, HR software is designed to help both managers and employees work more efficiently while reducing errors, ensuring compliance and increasing productivity. In order to increase the effectiveness of HR department always try to choose a technology integrated HRMS Software in your company which is suitable to the needs. The better way to choose the right software is the choose it from the experts in each domain.

Get the expert teams support - Outsource

HR Department is the backbone of every establishment. They have to plan, organize, direct and control the process of recruitment, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of the employees of the organization. All these processes are complex and essential for the success of any company. So find a best qualified, skilled andoutsourcing partners for outsourcing your complex process. Outsourcing to the right partners will make sure, your business continuity is protected and you always get the best brains in your extended team in a very cost-efficient way.