Plan To Grow Your Business – Here You Should Start!

Are you at the stage of taking your business to the next level?, Let’s not do some mistakes many of the entrepreneurs do by over focusing on business rather than your organization. As long as you have customers your business is in good phase and your organization is much more than that. Its more of the team, systems, processes in place through which you make profit by serving your business.

All the good companies across the globe have a good organization in their various departments which actually produce results. One of the reasons why many businesses fail is, lack of an organization in their business. Many of us in business always over focus on the business side and ignore the organizational part. Its ok to travel in a bike for two people in 50KM speed. However if you need to travel with 10 people, you need to upgrade your vehicle. The good thing is, you can upgrade your existing vehicles and the not so good thing is, your vehicle would have many engines which travel all directions. Let’s take some time to build an organization by coming down from the fantasy of business in the market.

So the question is How to build an organization rather than a business? There should be the right people in place and they should know what to do and what not to do. A good organization is a self-policing mechanism, once we turn it own, in its disciplined environment; it should churn results automatically and should also give you the red flags when something is not happening. An organization is a collection of different systems in place aligned in harmony to complement each other.

What do you mean by system? Is it software? No… It’s a set of processes and procedures to be followed to keep your business go. Have a software which supports your organizational system is wonderful but its more than just a software. There should be clear written rules on each activity even at a level if you want to take a pen from your pocket, you should follow some guidelines.

You should have policies, guidelines, trackers, reporting and most importantly a periodic review mechanism. You should know what number to follow and what not to follow. When numbers are too many you should be able to combine many numbers and build an index. Anything happened which is not in line or interest of the business is getting notified immediately and the corrective action has been taken on the very next moment.

The business problems does not happen overnight, it build up with time and come like a tsunami. If your radars are not in place, you won’t be able to predict the presence and the impact of the same.

Many of us are fascinated by the opportunities in the market, approaching them without investing on your organization could be riskier. Building an organization is better said than done, you might need help and support from experienced hands. It could be your mentors, co-business owners, external consultants in the specific areas or even from competitors. Business Make Profit. Great Organizations Sustain it.