GREAT LEAP offers end-to-end PAYROLL MANAGEMENT solutions that save your time and money, besides mitigating the risk of compliance. Matchless expertise in Labour Laws makes GREAT LEAP your perfect payroll partner. We assure error-free and up-to-date payroll processing and compliance with the laws and regulations. The major services we offer in payroll management include:

• Managing Employee State Insurance (ESI), Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) etc.

• Processing monthly salaries, reimbursements and arrears of employees based on updated information

• Managing queries from employees regarding their leave, salary, reimbursements etc.

Payroll processing is one of the crucial activity of any organization. The salaries should be released on time with 100% accuracy and all the statutory dues to be paid within the time limit. GREAT LEAP help organizations by get this activity completely outsourced and get this done from our end. We service more than 100 organizations on a monthly basis.

Government rules and regulations are always changing, and business owners can't be expected to stay on top of these changes. Employers, on the other hand must stay current with rules and regulations. We have a dedicated team for the research on these updates to help clients stay aware of regulatory updates, so that business owners can make more informed decisions about the business.

Payroll Outsourcing can save costs for a company. Also, having an outsourced payroll gives you the time to invest your crucial amount of time in more core business processes which can drive sales.

When you outsource your Payroll, you can be stress-free about the fact that you don’t have to bear any unsecured breaches or allegations for not managing your Payroll properly. Also, when you have time to invest in major core functions, your business productivity automatically increases.