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• Highly Vigilant Research Team.
• Unmatched Operational Excellence.
• Superior Technology.

We deliver our services from our knowledge and expertise are created from our daily research. The executively is done through the superior HR technology which make sure strong processes in the delivery. Technology can relieve great stress off payroll resources. We offer a diverse range of business services & technology solutions that includes the implementation of digital processes for supporting remote work and manage an employee's entire life cycle from onboarding to retirement.

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"We deliver HR outsourcing services
through an integrated technology"

To handle your payroll outsourcing process, we use fully automated processes and multi-level process checks that allow us to deliver the best possible standards in Payroll Outsourcing Services. We have supported hundreds of businesses to improve their payroll processes and technology innovations in order to deliver timely, accurate, and secure payrolls. We offer comprehensive employment services such as payroll, HR management and compliance.

Our Excellent Service Portfolio

Payroll is an important part of every company's operation. Payroll mistakes can happen faster than you think. So, your business should have a strong HR management system. Get It Done Professionally with GREAT LEAP. We offer a complete set of Payroll Outsourcing Services. Whether you're having trouble with complex HR operations or you're just starting a business, talk to us about HR solutions because we're the best in the industry.

Our Customers Benefits

Being a GREAT LEAP customer is benefited multi-faced and are always believe in long term commitments and relationships. We support our clients to achieve excellence and take their business to the next level by providing the highest quality service and achieving 100% accuracy. Our customer experiences:

Business Continuity 100%
Expertise in Operations100%
Cost Savings 40%
Encouraging employment values.

Excellence Delivered So Far.

GREATLEAP is a prominent business service organization handling 7000+ employee's payroll from 20 + industries in a month. GREATLEAP helps businesses to ensure correct and timely salary payment, compliance with various laws and regulations such as labour law, PF, PT, and other statutory compliance. Noncompliance with these laws can result in serious legal and financial issues. Reduce the risk of payroll by leveraging superior technology and managed services. Our payroll team has extensive experience in HR, payroll management, taxes, and other normal administrative tasks. They done the services with HR technology, which makes sure strong processes in the delivery by automating the human resources function.





Employee Benifits

Technology We Use

My Payroll Master is a one-of-kind HRMS that makes possible full employee management with your fingertips. The system comes with a number of innovative features that streamline the whole HR operations and make them easier and more accurate. My Payroll Master HRM and Payroll Software secures the highly sensitive HR data most efficiently, safe from tampering, fraud. My Payroll Master is the favourite HRM software of businesses in Kochi that simplifies the HR processes and increases productivity and it is highly customizable according to the unique needs of the businesses, providing the top automated HRM solutions.

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Knowledge We Share

Possessing updated knowledge and adapting to the latest HR / Payroll trends and industry practices is the core of becoming a successful business professional. We aims to help business professionals in the areas of HR/Finance/Operations to become competent in their area of operation by imparting them with the latest information regarding the diverse areas of HR,Labour Compliance & Latest tools and methodologies. GREATLEAP Knowledge Centre acts as a platform for professionals to gain & share their knowledge, experiences, ideas that enriching themselves and strengthening their network.

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Focus on Your Mission, While We Take Care of Your Team.
We are in a Mission to Encouraging Employement Values.

Our Clients

Our Case Studies & Updates

Five Things Every HR Professional Should Know While Processing Monthly Salaries.

Salary processing & disbursement is an easy job as long as we know the basics and are updated with the latest changes in deduction percentages, minimum wages etc. An HR professional needs to dedicate time for the research of all these items daily.
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